Life (Or Something)

The Hoard Grows: Dune and The Singularity Project

wp-1482372210938.jpgThe most recent additions to my hoard: Dune by Frank Herbert and The Singularity Project.

I’ve had Dune in my Amazon cart for a little while. I think I read an “article” once that stated that Dune influenced a TON of science fiction movies (Star Wars among other things), so naturally I knew I was going to buy it the second I saw it.

The Singularity Project was purchased because I’m in love with black holes.  I’ve always loved space, but the article “Black Hole: Star Eater,” by Michael Finkel pretty much changed my life when I read it in National Geographic’s March 2014 issue.  (I’ll dedicate an entire post to that at some point).

If you’re ever in Chillicothe, Ohio, stop by Book World.  I got these for under $3 each.  The old book smell and wonderfully worn pages were free.


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