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Book of the Day: The Blue Umbrella

Books are easily associated.  Sometimes with a feeling or a smell or a season.  And then there are the books that we associate with specific dates.  In Stephen King’s Christine, the chaos caused by the possessed car, Christine, ends on January 19th (which I happen to remember because it’s my birthday).  On September 1st, the Hogwarts train leaves platform 9 3/4.  December 6th marks the anniversary of Susie Salmon’s death in The Lovely Bones.

However, I always think about this book on December 23rd:


The Blue Umbrella is absolutely magical.  It’s about a boy who goes to live with his two elderly aunts after his mother dies.  He immediately becomes absolutely miserable and lonely.  After some time, he actually manages to make a friend: the storekeep across the street, whom his aunts absolutely hate.

This book is touching without being cringe-worthy or overly cheesy.  One of the most touching moments is actually the one that reminds me of today: one where he meets a person he most wants to see, who wishes him a happy “Christmas Adam”…

Give this book a read on one of those days where you need to be reminded of basic human kindness.  You’ll never regret it.


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