Life (Or Something)

The Things We Scribble

wp-1482334437367.jpgI spent the first nineteen and a half years of my life as an absolutely lousy journal-keeper. I couldn’t seem to form the habit of writing about my life no matter how hard I tried to.  I used to joke that I would never really be able to form an addiction because I was too lazy.

But that was never true.  I’ve always been addicted to writing    I was just bored with “dear diary.”

Now I write love letters to strangers and eulogies to frozen toes and fingers. I write letters to myself.  I scribble until there’s a picture somewhere in the mess.  I’m even beginning to work in color.

If you have trouble journaling, try looking at your methods.  You don’t have to summarize everything that happened in your day    pick a few moments and turn them into scenes.  Write a thought down.  Tape things to the pages.  Just capture who you are today.  It doesn’t have to be cohesive    it just has to be yours.


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