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The Lady and Her Charge

On the Road with

img_0300The Statue of Liberty leaps out of the harbor and lofts her torch into the overcast sky.  From Battery Park, she looks petite, as though it might be too much for her to shoulder the symbolism that has been attached to her since she was placed on her pedestal in 1886.  But then I remember that to the thousands of immigrants who have passed through these waters on their way to Ellis Island, she was colossal.  She was the first and maybe only one to welcome them to the United States.

Today, she seems to stand between New York and the rest of the world.  From the railing, if you turn and look behind you, you’ll see the Freedom Tower, which stands behind the Ground Zero Memorial, just a few blocks away.img_0314

The Ground Zero Memorial itself is a solemn, beautiful place.  The only sounds come from the waterfalls within the pools where…

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