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How to Know When to Change Your Major


Once upon a time, I was a writing AND computer science major (with a minor in web design) at the University of Mount Union–“once upon a time” meaning just last semester.  I really do enjoy coding, and my actual computer science classes were okay (so you may be wondering–why the switch?)

I had an internship over the summer, and the people were wonderful, and it was an overall good experience, but I could’t see myself doing it for the rest of my life.  I guess the worst part was that I pretty much went the entire summer without seeing the sun (and as a girl with only so many summers left before the real adulting begins, that’s something I just can’t stand for).  But then I looked into the future, and I saw myself–exhausted, pale(r), and creatively starved–and I realized that if I continued on that path, the parts I like most about myself were endangered.

Going back before the anecdote, I know that it sounds like a pretty cliché and easy answer, but it can be hard to do when you face this in real life.  My dad’s still a little upset (even though he refuses to admit it) that I’m no longer heading for a computer science major.

But I am so much happier.  Today, I am a writing major with a triple minor (web design, computer science, and English).

Life’s too short to waste time on a major you’re not even sort of in love with.


2 thoughts on “How to Know When to Change Your Major

  1. You’ve made a good decision for you. If it makes you feel any better, I started out as a music therapy/ed major and within the first week of college dropped all my classes but 2 and got a whole new schedule with just an undecided major. Then didn’t tell my parents until right before grades came out. I think this is a wise choice.

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