Life (Or Something)

What Are Friends For?

I realized the other day that–for the first time in my life–I know how my friends take their coffee.

This is mostly due to the fact that I’ve offered them coffee.  Last semester, I bought a couple packages of Death Wish Coffee–supposedly the strongest in the world.  I’m pretty sure the day (or one of the following days) Kristin moved in, I toted it downstairs and then ran back up to ask each of my housemates if they’d like some.  And then stayed out of my room for the next several hours.

This in itself was revolutionary.  I hadn’t been out of my room (while still in the house) for more than half an hour since the beginning of the semester.  If I wasn’t in my room or in class, I was at another friend’s townhouse.  I had barely spoken to Jordan or Tara.  While coffee wasn’t the first thing to bring us together, it was one of those bonding experiences that helped to bring us just a little closer as housemates.

I guess the moral of the story is to offer coffee to people you want to be friends with.


As pictured below left to right:

Smidge of sugar, splash of cream; creamer and a lot of sugar; splash of cream; creamer and a lot of sugar; tea.





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