From the Panda Onesie (January 26, 2016)

The below is something a performed at coffeehouse a little over a year ago.  This came about because I wore a panda onesie around campus for a day for a project.  (The project was based on people’s reactions to the panda suit.)  However, looking at reactions wasn’t good enough for me, so I posted anonymously on YikYak a question.  Oh yes, I was the person who started this conversation about myself.  But man, you guys made it weird.

You may recognize me as the girl who wore the panda onesie around campus.  This panda onesie in fact.  I’m also the one who typically reads poetry.  However, this time I have something different for you: I’m also in the class where you go on adventures and write about it, and for my last project, I wore a bunch of different outfits around school and watched you guys react.  What I’m about to read to you was actually written by some of you.  If you recognize your words, please stand, and we’ll all applaud you.


OP:  Did anyone else see a girl wearing a panda onesie or am I hallucinating?

Fire: I did lol

OP: What the fuck lol

Fire: I don’t know.  I don’t really want to either.  Lol

Balloon:  She does it for Sydney.  Leave her alone :/

Yellow Shovel: Fire I hope you don’t mean that in a bad way.  Don’t be so judgmental

Socks:  She’s Sydney’s roommate or a close friend of Sydney’s.  We all have our own ways of remembering her.  Hers is the onesie.

Fire:  Well, I didn’t know.  It’s pretty awesome then.

Oars: That girl is one of the most special girls I know and if I can’t know Sydney anymore, then I am damn glad to know her.  Don’t judge someone based on one fact because that one person may be one of the

Oars: Best damn people you’ve ever met in your life

Purple Shovel:  I don’t think OP or fire meant to be offensive to anyone or judge anyone harshly in this post.  It’s just an uncommon thing to see so it was a bit odd.

Socks:  Exactly.

Yellow Shovel:  Idk it just kinda seems like so many people on this campus are really judgmental of anything that deviates from the norm.  Just wanted to say something about it if that was the case is all

Purple Shovel:  I wasn’t directing the comment at anyone in particular.  It was just a general statement.  I don’t think they meant anything bad by it.  I think everyone is a little curious or judge mental when they see

Purple Shovel:  Something that they deem as strange, off or other.  But if we don’t ask about it, we’ll never learn the significance of those differences.  So keep rocking that panda suit and doing your thing.  👍


Dear Mount Union:

what the fuck?


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