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Recommendations from Norfolk, Virginia

On the Road with

20170218_125935Prince Books is a cozy nook on Main Street in Norfolk, Virginia. On the lazy Saturday afternoon I happened upon it, Margaret was behind the counter.  She came out to greet me and then set about doing inventory. As I wandered through the shop, looking for the book I would take home from this trip, our paths crossed, and we shared the same aisle. It wasn’t until I’d finally selected a book and approached the counter that we actually talked.

When I asked her for recommendations, Margaret’s eyes widened. She almost immediately dashed to a shelf to look for News of the World, but we found that it was out of stock. After helping another customer, she began telling me about A History of Wolves. I’d already checked out, but after listening to her description and reading the first page for myself, I decided that I had to have the…

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