Sneak Peek: Hair

One of my longer stories will soon be added to the blog! In celebration of the upcoming publication, I thought that I would post an excerpt.


He’s very unobservant for someone whose life is in danger.

First, he didn’t notice me at the bridge. Then he was oblivious throughout the day, while I stalked him between the bodies of our peers. He didn’t even seem to know that I followed him home, just as the sun was beginning to set. I’m sitting in a tree just outside his window now, a few scant feet from where he sits at his desk, eyes drooping by the light of his laptop. I mean, I’ve done this to dozens of people before, but it’s just particularly amusing that this kid—who should be vigilant, lest a cop swoop out of nowhere and say, “We know what you did, scumbag,” and chant the Miranda rights or strangle him with a pair of handcuffs—doesn’t feel my eyes on him.

He doesn’t even seem interested in the outside world, despite the fact that he was a predator stalking through it forty-three hours ago.


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