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Cream-n-Sugar Café, Greenfield, OH

A little Cream-n-Sugar makes the day sweeter. Cream-n-Sugar Café in Greenfield, OH is one of Jefferson St.’s newest additions. Since July, Heather Walker has been serving up fantastic coffee, fresh pastries, and a friendly, cozy atmosphere.



Heather is no stranger to running a café, though. In 2012, she took over the Purple Turtle Café and Bakery in Washington Courthouse from her brother. She made the difficult decision to close in 2015, but she couldn’t stay away for long. Now she has the Cream-n-Sugar Café at which she has helpers like Katie, a 9-year-old who loves running the cash register and counting out the change. Katie takes her job very seriously (and makes great rolls).

The pastries are made in house daily and include cinnamon rolls ($3), croissants ($3), and blueberry scones ($2.50). Today, you can get a bag of Katie’s rolls for $3.

Today, my brother and I went in for breakfast, enjoying fragrant chai lattes, a rich cinnamon roll, and a sweet and flaky croissant. 20171122_081335.jpgIn the front room, four men looked up from their bible study and teased my brother about his dinosaur onesie. And that’s one of the things that Heather likes best about the Cream-n-Sugar Café–the fellowship. “We are hopeful that the Lord will bless it and use it as a hub for people in the community,” Heather says. “There’s been a lot of darkness like drugs and all kinds of terrible things. We just believe that the Lord moved us to do this.”

And while they’re becoming that hub, they’ll be serving up the best americanos I’ve ever had.

412 Jefferson St, Greenfield, 937-803-0124


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