Immaculate Conception (Fall 2015)

This is something that I wrote for my freshman year creative writing class. It’s a bit of a mess. Sorry if you’re religious and thought that this was going to be something Christian.



cascading over boughs and

crashing into the chilled earth.

It’s in this flushed coolness that

I make my home.

The world is breathing, and

I have found its beating heart;

my body curls possessively about the pulse until


the ebbing flow of warmth

slaps my face and yanks my eyes to the horizon.

Just in time, I catch the wink

of an abandoning sun.

It’s in that moment I exist

like a hopeful with scouring eyes at a train station.


I wander with the current of the trees,

following the eddies of inquisitive roots, and—


I am poured into your inkwell.

I swirl in confinement,

restless, waiting to be delivered.

When you take up that pen,

I shoot into your veins,

burst into your mind,

send shockwaves that

melt your eardrums.

You scramble to transcribe

what I coyly whisper.

Your heart bangs,

the pen! beating! the paper!

with its urgent cries.

You wait,



More, your soul breathes.

Dancing just outside your reach,

my entire being thunders.


Published in Hiram College’s The Echo (2016).

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