Book of the Day, Life (Or Something)

Essay of the Day: “Concert Tickets” – George Watsky

Since I’m thigh-deep in finals, I haven’t had time to read a full book, but I re-read “Concert Tickets” from Watsky’s book, How to Ruin Everything. Though it’s maybe one of the least polished essays in the book–with a couple erratic transitions and one small grammatical error, “Concert Tickets” is structurally brought down from the awe-inspiring level of the rest of the collection to a more human plane–“Concert Tickets” is one of my favorite essays. It’s the perfect ending to a magical book, combining a majority little inside details that we learn about Watsky and his way of looking at the world. The result is a feeling that we know him, that we’re close to him, so when he and his friends are on the beach toward the end of the essay, we feel as though we belong there too. The other essays may demonstrate his incredible skills when it comes to shaping individual essays, but “Concert Tickets” shows his skill at providing a fulfilling conclusion and the ultimate culmination of our trip through his life and crazy experiences. And, man, what a trip.


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