Book of the Day

Book of the Day: Create vs Copy by Ken Wytsma

Create vs Copy by Ken Wytsma is an unassuming, beautifully illustrated book with an inspiring message: everyone is creative. The book offers encouragement, inspiration, and ways to increase creativity, aiming to uplift a person’s soul with encouragement and affirmation as well as to bolster their faith in the Christian God. Wytsma uses his own experiences and knowledge in order to color it with metaphors and analogies, which in turn support the central message. In a way, the book generates a sense of awe in the reader and creates a sort of revelation. In the first chapter, Wytsma says:

“Artistic ability is a talent some possess, but creativity is a human trait. Think about what you create: ideas, products, memories, recipes, sculptures, football plays in a game, organizations, floral arrangements, prayer groups, vacation plans, Kickstarter campaigns, bucket lists, ways to encourage others, adventures, friendships, community, online posts, jokes, ways to show love, ways to organize, and ways of doing thousands of other things.”

This is somewhat incredible because of the fact that we as people tend to forget that most of those things mean that we’re creating something–usually we just think of them as something that we need to do or want to do. Rarely do we actually look at these things and feel that we have created something. If there’s one thing that Create vs Copy does well, it’s making the reader realize how creative they actually are.

At times, however, the book does seem to drone. The message becomes redundant after the first chapter, though the author attempts to tackle it from different angles. Despite this, Create vs Copy is perfect for someone who needs a little something uplifting, especially if read piecemeal and consumed as needed.

This review was sponsored by Moody Publishing.


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