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Interning for Cleveland Magazine took me to Restore [Cold Pressed] in Cleveland for the January issue, but I had never been to the Restore in Canton, which is situated in a row of shops, snuggling with a tavern and an asian bistro. 

The Restore aesthetic is a mixture of black, steel, and natural wood. After placing our order at the counter, my friend and I sat down at a table with the bark still on it and watched as the woman who took our order began to prepare our açai bowls.

If you’ve never had an açai bowl before, açai tastes a bit like blueberries. Different shops may mix in a number of ingredients, but Restore adds bananas and coconut milk to achieve creamy perfection. Their açai bowls are consistent between shops, and I’d say one of my top favorites. They have a variety of toppings to choose from, but I always go for the flax and coconut flakes. I added granola on impulse, but it was well worth it.

They have a number of shops in Ohio and New Jersey, so definitely check out Restore if you’re ever in the neighborhood. I, of course, recommend their açai bowls, but their Detox #1 juice is pretty much the best think I’ve ever drank.

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Casual lunch with @devin_farmiloe 😋

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After we left Restore, my friend and I wandered over to Buehler’s Fresh Foods, which felt like a mix between a Kroger and a Giant Eagle. They had a lot of great wine on sale, and while I almost went with the red moscato (I love anything that promises pomegranate), I found a blackberry wine, so I’m excited to make Kyle, my date from Jilly’s the other day, try it. What else are dates for?


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