Am I My Resume?

A really cool piece by a cool blogger friend.

Actor Antics

This past Monday, I embarked on my first city audition adventure of the semester. On this particular day, I sat on the train facing the back of the car and watched the cloudy, gray Long Island sky pass me in backwards motion as I wrote and rewrote the words of the two monologues I prepared for the day in a notebook I’ve kept since freshman year of high school. I flipped through the pages, glancing at the black ink that seemed to engulf almost three quarters of the book. The contents included angsty poetry, the guitar chords to “Wonderwall”, and an overwhelming amount of monologues. I remembered how fickle I used to be about what monologue I wanted to bring into a particular audition, cluttering the margins with ideas about character and motivation and why I should choose this monologue over the three I just nixed. I would get so lost…

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