Podcast Update

Hey, everyone!

Just a bit of an update on my podcast:

It’s going to come out. I’m thinking about releasing them sometime in the next month or so. I just have a little more editing and recording to do.

The project changed a little. Instead of focusing specifically and only on bigfoot researchers, the podcast is going to focus on the ways that Bigfoot fits into American culture. The Scully Hour is still not a podcast that’s attempting to argue either way about the existence of Bigfoot. Instead, it will discuss what America has done to the topic of bigfoot through social media and entertainment. I still plan to attend the Ohio Bigfoot Conference and am still considering going on an actual investigation (even though I’m not too sure yet how it fits into the season, but hey, what kind of researcher would I be if I didn’t go “squatchin'”?).

I’ve realized that I’ve (kind of) inadvertently become a bigfoot researcher. I feel like I should get a patch to commemorate the research, like in Girl Scouts.

Have a great Wednesday! Go out and kick this week’s ass.





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