Am I My Resume?

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Actor Antics

This past Monday, I embarked on my first city audition adventure of the semester. On this particular day, I sat on the train facing the back of the car and watched the cloudy, gray Long Island sky pass me in backwards motion as I wrote and rewrote the words of the two monologues I prepared for the day in a notebook I’ve kept since freshman year of high school. I flipped through the pages, glancing at the black ink that seemed to engulf almost three quarters of the book. The contents included angsty poetry, the guitar chords to “Wonderwall”, and an overwhelming amount of monologues. I remembered how fickle I used to be about what monologue I wanted to bring into a particular audition, cluttering the margins with ideas about character and motivation and why I should choose this monologue over the three I just nixed. I would get so lost…

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Danishes and Bookstores: The Journey To and Through Manhattan

Here’s the first post about my trip to New York!

On the Road with GoAnderson.com

img_0234 McKenzie hops behind the wheel at a rest stop.

The only sounds on a motorcoach at 3 in the morning come from the engine.  The handful of people who boarded in Greenville, Pennsylvania had gratefully shoved pillows between their heads and the window or the headrest and napped.  I was one of them.  I only have a very faint recollection of the three stops that we made before dawn    twice to pickup more passengers and once for a fifteen minute break.

It wasn’t until just outside of Milton, img_0197Pennsylvania that my mom and I both finally woke up and squinted out the window.  The bus was stopped outside a Flying J, the front of which screamed “RESTAURANT” and “TRAVEL STORE.”  We were beckoned to by the prospect of warm coffee and food, a chance to stretch our legs, and a bathroom.
Around 7:45, we sat down in the RESTAURANT portion…

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